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Angels of Hope and Love Foundation

Caring for women

in need

Thank you for visiting the website of Angels of Hope and Love Foundation.


Helping Every Woman Sheltered

It is a fact that homelessness is a societal issue that is especially hard for women. Ending it cannot happen alone. We need people like you to help us fight homelessness.

Angels of Hope and Love Foundation is a legacy organization in the Los Angeles, California area. Its mission is to end homelessness for women through providing resources to housing, employment, and wellness.

How We Started

Mrs. Arzela Collins started the organization in the ‘80s to help women she met while working whom she learned were homeless and in need of resources.

Meet the Owner

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Our Mission

By continuing the legacy of Arzela Collins, we seek to identify and support homeless women and their children by providing connections to direct resources for housing, clothing, and employment.

Discover How We Help